Last minute training for alpine trip

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    Hello, I`m looking at 3 weeks of training before going to the French Alps for some easy/medium routes. (eg. snow couloirs, 5+/M3-M4 routes – some in Aiguille Vertes, so you can get an idea)

    Thing is this winter I had a pneumonia condition, so I was not able to increase my endurance this season. I used a hangboard and a pull up bar 2/3 times a week, medium workout. Also in the last 3 weeks i went out for ice climbing and managed to do some long treks (10 to 12h, 800m elevation, 10+ kg backpack;and a snow couloir with some obstacles, 4+) I also went out climbing rock first time this season, I top roped a 5.11a.

    However, I do not feel very confident and the time is extremely short. How would you train in such a short amount of time?

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    I am sorry to say that there is not very much you can do at last minute that will improve your fitness substantially. There are no magic short cuts. It does sound like you have had some decent amount of time for exercising these past 3 weeks though so that is great. I would try to get out 1-2 days a week for extended workouts of hiking, ski touring and climbing in your local mountains during this time without exhausting yourself. If you do not have a good base of endurance then you can run a big risk of doing too much during this time so you will have to be careful to monitor your fatigue. leaving for big trip in an pre-fatigued state will not be good.

    Good luck.

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