Last big training day and taper (24wk plan)

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    Hi Scott and Steve,

    Currently using the 24 week plan. Aiming for 2 weeks skiing/climbing in chamonix in April. Im about to go into week 22, unfortunately week 21 I missed the big weekend workouts due to some life events.

    I will be climbing from the Saturday of week 24 so I need to cut a couple of workouts from week 23 already.
    Question 1: should I try to add anything extra in week 22 (maybe up to 15 hours), or just ignore the missed workouts and go ahead from here?
    Question 2: I could probably get a last long workout in midweek in week 23 (about 9 days out) is this too late or still worthwhile?

    My weeks leading up have been

    week 17 – 10 hours
    week 18 – 14 hours
    week 19 – 12 hours
    week 20 – 6 hours *(recovery week)
    week 21 – 7 hours (due to missing long weekend workouts)
    week 22 – planned at 11 hours
    week 23 – planned at 4 hours if i drop the wednesday and sunday workouts
    week 24 – taper – climbing on the saturday


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    Depending on how much fatigue you are carrying with these 12 hours weeks you might consider doing one last week #23 at 10-12 with the concentration of hours on back to back days mid week if possible. The taper hard 8-9 days before and during travel. Notice how long it takes you to get back to feeling good during your recovery weeks and gage off that. Do you feel all refreshed by Wed of a recovery r does it take a full week to get rested and ready to jamb again?


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