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    Hello everybody! I’m experiencing some pain right above my knees. I don’t really feel it while I’m training, but by the time I get out of the car my knees are hurting. It usually healed overnight, but the longer I train, the more frequent it gets. I also feel it after strength training now, I used to think I have indestructible knees because a few years ago I was squatting heavy weights and never had an injury, but I guess running is a different beast.

    My current training volume is around 16-17 hours/week, on base building weeks. I keep it under 7-8 on a recovery week.

    I’ve have three more days of recovery before I’m supposed to start the next three weeks of base building but I’m thinking of taking another week off and just do yoga and foam rolling, maybe a run here and there.

    My question is, if I feel better by the end of the second week of rest, can I go back to training 17 hours or should I take it slower?

    I’ve been working really hard and I’m getting pretty close to beating ADS, I don’t want to lose any progress.

    Any advice is very much appreciated!

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #53635

    Hi Alex!

    Yes, running is a different beast, especially when you run 16-17 hours/week! I hope you built up to that volume over a long time!?
    Do you have a lot of tension in your quads? Does foam rolling and yoga help?


    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #54524

    Knee pain can have multiple causes. The low hanging fruit is rolling the quad, medial quad, and hip. Single leg strengthening emphasizing the hip with step downs and single leg dead lifts is essential single running takes an inordinate amount of strength. I also like to use kinesiotape as light support/guidance. Progress volume gradually in line with minimal symptoms.

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