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    Judith Silverman

    Dear UA community,

    I am a mother of 2 and a life long skier, 39 years so far, who discovered the joy of suffering uphill about 20 years ago.
    14 years ago I tore my Left ACL and had it repaired with a hamstring graft.
    8 years ago I tore the graft, and it was repaired, again with a hamstring graft.

    Both tears were clean with damage restricted to the ACL.

    Since then I have skied with a brace (Osser), with no further injuries, but frequently uncomfortable, especially on the uphill portions of the day. I often feel as though I am fighting against the brace as I lift my leg forward.

    Does the community have any recommendations for knee stability support that does not drastically reduce uphill mobility?

    Im tempted to try skiing without the brace, would love thoughts from those who also have old ACL injuries.

    Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts.

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    Alex on #63565

    Look up Knees Over Toes Guy on youtube/instagram, his programs helped my knees immensely. It’s all about strengthening all the muscles/tendons/ligaments through full range of motion.

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