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    Wondering what sleeping bag to buy my 7 and 8 years old kids. I camp early spring to late automn and it can get below 0C (32F). I want my kids to be comfortable and they usually put more clothing layer when it gets colder. My questions are
    -kids sleeping bag or adult size?
    -Synthetic or down?
    -What temperature rating?

    We do bike camping and multi day hikes so weight and packability are an issues as well as durability – I want my kids to use those for a long time!

    My feeling is adult synthetic that goes around -6C / 12 F since I find this very versatile but am considering warmer…

    What are you people using?


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    I have no experience on this, but I think you should be careful using the temperature ratings for adults.

    My reasoning:
    Small people have a higher surface to weight ratio. If their heat production is proportional to their weight (which is just something I assume), they will also have a higher surface to heat production ratio, so they will need more insulation to keep their body temperature up.

    Jim Prager on #14405

    A good friend of mine uses the Feathered Friends Vireo for his two kids (ages 4 and 6). While they are still young, he rolls the top down over the bottom so that it’s a double layer. This makes it a warmer bag and more kid-size. While this is potentially an expensive solution, he figures that the same bag will last them for 10-15 years. As they get older, they can use it more as it was intended: a single bag with a puffy jacket.

    Hope that helps.

    Ptaylor on #14679

    I use an 20 degree down bag from one of the big out retailers for my 7 year old. It has a 600 fill and seems plenty warm for what you are describing. We haven’t been down to 0c probably like 8c, but I am confident it would be fine for my son at 0c ish. Bag is a little more than 2 lbs and packs down well.

    Bassabrianza on #15166

    Definitely a kid specific one, an adult bag has too much volume and the child will be cold. Plus you (or the child) will be carrying extra weight.

    Over here in Europe the best performance/price option I have found is Sir Joseph Kiki Down which come in two sizes

    They also have a synthetic one.

    Ps. If it adds something I’m a father of 5 🙂

    Steve House on #15246

    5! Wow…Respect.

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