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    Chad Di Stefano


    Sorry for the multiple posts, thought it was easier to separate.

    Bit of a curve ball here, but I happen to be going to Morocco in two weeks and I was dying to find something fun to do, so I decided to hike Jebel Toubkal. I think it’s doable for me, but can always bail if I’m wrong. Trick here is I need to do it in a day, which is ~20 miles and ~8k feet. Terrain seems pretty straightforward, but it’s a long day for me for sure.

    Any thoughts on changes to training plan or anything else? Maybe this is a dumb idea but I’m unlikely to go back to Morocco so figured I’d try.

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    MarkPostle on #67910

    Sounds like an awesome adventure. I have been just east of there a couple of times climbing in the Taghia gorge. Amazing zone. I would not do anything different with the training other than taking a light week the week before your climb date to make sure youre rested. Nothing you’re going to do from a training perspective is going to move the needle much in the next week so the best thing that you can do is to show up rested and healthy. Make sure not to go out too fast the first few hours and then not be able to maintain. Maintain a reasonable pace and make sure to keep eating and drinking all day to the best of your ability and you should be fine. Can’t wait to hear about the travels when you get back!

    Chad Di Stefano on #67918

    Thanks so much! Will share some pictures when I get back!

    Chad Di Stefano on #68304

    Update. Did Toubkal on Tuesday, arrived back in Miami last night. Did the hike in one day, started ~5:30am and finished 5pm. 11.5 total hours, about 9.5 active (had a lunch after summit and took a few shorter breaks along the way). started around 6,200 ft and summit was 13,600, so ~7,400 ft vertical. Total distance 15.6 miles. The Atlas are beautiful, I would definitely go back. Lots to do there as well (hiking, climbing, skiing), I was told the skiing (human powered) is very nice.

    I started struggling around 12k feet, my legs were wiped. I didn’t really use trekking poles until that point, which I think was a mistake. I struggled to the top but made it. The way down to ~10k feet my legs felt like jelly. We stopped for lunch at 10k, and after lunch I got a second wind and even jogged part of the remaining 6 mi. My pack was maybe ~10 – 12 lbs, but I didn’t weigh it. It got lighter through the day as most of the weight was water (and food). My legs were pretty stiff last two days, and I still feel it a little today. TP gave the workout a hrTSS of 667, which I found sort of funny.

    My training week is sort of a mess as a result, but I’m trying to stay up to date and hope to be back on schedule next week. I give UA tons of credit for getting through this. I’ve really felt a difference in my body, even in this short time.

    MarkPostle on #68396

    Nice Chad! Way to seize the opportunity and get it done. A testament to your determination for sure. One of (many) benefits to training for specific goals is you always have a pretty high basic level of fitness and can snatch a few other plums along the way!

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