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    Mercedes Friend


    I’ve had an IUD for two years, including a change from Mirena to Kyleena. My question is if anyone else has experienced severe uterine cramping after intense sessions. Since I’ve had an IUD when I compete very intense sessions I have severe and painful cramping and at times some spotting. I have heard this can be due to dehydration, but it seems to occur regardless of my hydration status. Has anyone experienced anything similar? I like my IUD in general but it’s become so challenging to deal with training that I’m considering getting it removed. Any help is appreciated!

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    lucye on #63527

    Hi Mercedes,

    That sounds really sucky. I’m on my third Mirena now, and I have to say that I haven’t experienced what you describe. I take it this has been happening with both IUD models?


    Mercedes Friend on #63528

    Thanks Lucy!

    It has indeed happened with both models unfortunately. With Mirena I experienced it with any exercise at all and with Kyleena usually only after intense exercise.

    Anonymous on #63656

    Hi Mercedes,
    I have not had any athletes with this experience, though numerous issues with IUD’s. I strongly suggest, if you can, getting a second opinion from an OB-GYN that has some sports background and can chat with you about other birth control options. From the standpoint of a coach anything that seems to be causing an athlete’s body additional stress isn’t a great sign. As you and I know, all we women are so different and yet birth control devices are fairly universally prescribed like they’re no big deal when they actually are. I know it won’t be easy finding someone who can likely help and answer medical questions right away, but it seems it would be worth a bit of digging.
    And maybe removing the IUD and trying a different approach would be best for your body and training. Good luck and if I can find any articles with information for you I will post them here!
    Sending my best,

    Mercedes Friend on #63663

    Thank you so much Carolyn! I thought it was potentially something more people with IUDs had experienced, so I’ll schedule and appointment with my gyno to discuss.

    Thanks so much for your response!

    beth.v.white on #70791

    Hoping you have figured this out. I experienced this with the Mirena IUD, slowed down my exercise and then ultimately had it removed. I had a uterine ultrasound and low and behold my uterus has a unique shape (no uncommon). I am no longer eligible for IUD options, due to shape not leading to effective birth control effect of IUDs. Once removed, I am now fully pain free and can push my body as hard as I want, not possible with IUD in place. I know others who have had pain with exercise with normal shaped Uterus as well.

    Beth (Family Medicine physician)

    Mercedes Friend on #70807

    Thank you all for the info. I ended up getting my IUD removed as it didn’t seem to work well with my body, and my training has been great since then. Nearly all of my pelvic pain went away and so far (it’s been 4 months) I feel a night and day positive difference. I know some people have great experiences but it just didn’t seem to work for me!

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