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    Mercedes Friend


    I’ve had an IUD for two years, including a change from Mirena to Kyleena. My question is if anyone else has experienced severe uterine cramping after intense sessions. Since I’ve had an IUD when I compete very intense sessions I have severe and painful cramping and at times some spotting. I have heard this can be due to dehydration, but it seems to occur regardless of my hydration status. Has anyone experienced anything similar? I like my IUD in general but it’s become so challenging to deal with training that I’m considering getting it removed. Any help is appreciated!

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    lucye on #63527

    Hi Mercedes,

    That sounds really sucky. I’m on my third Mirena now, and I have to say that I haven’t experienced what you describe. I take it this has been happening with both IUD models?


    Mercedes Friend on #63528

    Thanks Lucy!

    It has indeed happened with both models unfortunately. With Mirena I experienced it with any exercise at all and with Kyleena usually only after intense exercise.

    Coach Carolyn on #63656

    Hi Mercedes,
    I have not had any athletes with this experience, though numerous issues with IUD’s. I strongly suggest, if you can, getting a second opinion from an OB-GYN that has some sports background and can chat with you about other birth control options. From the standpoint of a coach anything that seems to be causing an athlete’s body additional stress isn’t a great sign. As you and I know, all we women are so different and yet birth control devices are fairly universally prescribed like they’re no big deal when they actually are. I know it won’t be easy finding someone who can likely help and answer medical questions right away, but it seems it would be worth a bit of digging.
    And maybe removing the IUD and trying a different approach would be best for your body and training. Good luck and if I can find any articles with information for you I will post them here!
    Sending my best,

    Mercedes Friend on #63663

    Thank you so much Carolyn! I thought it was potentially something more people with IUDs had experienced, so I’ll schedule and appointment with my gyno to discuss.

    Thanks so much for your response!

    Anonymous on #64494

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