Is walking to work an exercise?

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    I am quite a bit limited on time for exercises due to family and work. Currently I am able to do some 6-7 hours of training per week. I feel that I need to increase the volume as my fitness level seems to be stagnated.
    I have roughly 2,5 kilometers (1.55 miles) from my home to office and I have started going to work and back walking with a decent pace – it takes me roughly 25 minutes one way (with the stops at the red lights etc.) which keeps my heart rate below zone 1.
    My question is, should I count these as recovery training sessions or are these just normal daily activities? Is there any guidance on which activities should be calculated to training load and which not?

    – Timo

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    Mariner_9 on #31952

    I always counted this as active recovery. If your HR is below Zone 1 then I doubt you will get any training stimulus from this type of exercise.

    Anonymous on #32367

    Yes, I agree. If it’s very easy, it’s more active recovery (which has value) than anything else. The exception I guess would be if the duration were very, very long.

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