Is soccer impacting my training?

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    Hey guys,
    Friend and I both worked through the 8-week-ice climbing training, and both had good results. However, it seems to me that he was improving quicker then I. For example, the L-sits within the Killer Core, he was much quicker then I to get on palms and sustain them. We’re both weekend warriors, so do what training we can. I’m usually adding a half hour of running or biking at work most days at lunch just to keep the legs moving after sitting at the desk.

    I play indoor soccer twice a week (50 minute games) at a decent level, typically at midfield so am doing a lot of quick sprints back and forth for ~20 minutes a day.

    Would this exercise negatively impact my climbing training? Don’t think I’ve progressed much from Week 6 of the training regime, though Christmas certainly didn’t help…


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    I doubt the mid week soccer games are negatively impacting your Ice and Mixed climbing strength plan progression much if at all. As for your friend making quicker progress; this could be due to his previous training history or some strength and leverage advantage. Does he/she have shorter legs? That’ll hugely impact the L-sit strength. There is just no way to account for differences like you mention here without knowing a lot more about you both. I’ve had folks who took 6 weeks of trying the L-sit almost daily before they could get their heels off the ground. Others who could hold a good L for 15 seconds on the 3rd try ever. We are all coming into this with different background, bodies and genetics. Don’t compare, just stick with it and you WILL improve.


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