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    Hi there,

    I have a type of Anemia that causes me to need iron infusions (different from the common low-iron that can be fixed with diet). I’ll get a series of infusions, then my iron will begin to drop. My issue is that my primary care physician will only prescribe the infusions once my iron levels reach 0, meaning I spend the majority of my time very depleted. I’m wondering if anyone else has this problem and has seen a specialist of some sort, either a Hematologist or preferably someone who works with athletes that can monitor and help maintain these levels. I’m not sure who exactly to look for.

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    LindsayTroy on #50962

    Have you ever asked your PCP for a referral to a specialist? Without more details, my generic advise would be to look a hematologist or a gastroententerologist to do a work up.

    Thomas Summer, MD on #50965

    I totally agree with Lindsay. Without more details it’s hard to give more recommendations. To ask your PCP for a referral to a specialist, is probably the best way to go.

    LindsayTroy on #50974

    One other question, have you been tested for celiac disease (true gluten intolerance) or other GI blood loss? I consulted a hospitalist friend who said that Celiac the most common missed cause of iron deficiency anemia. So that would be worth checking out.

    shannonlouisedouglas on #50982

    Thank you so much for the suggestion. I had no idea of the link between Celiac and Iron-Deficiency Anemia. That’s definitely worth checking out, thank you!

    shannonlouisedouglas on #50983

    I’m curious if there are hematologists or other specialists that work with athletes? I’m based in the Seattle area.


    Thomas Summer, MD on #51012

    Hi Shannon!

    At first, it seems to be most important to look for the cause of your low iron. If you have already sorted out the obvious ones like bleeding or poor nutrition, a hematologist should be best for that. It’s probably not so important that the doc has lots of experience with athletes. But he/she should be aware of things like “runners anemia”. If any special condition is found that causes your low iron, then you can think about the right therapy. But it’s also important to know that low iron is often a result of more than one factor. The first step would be to do extensive bloodwork (your PCP has probably already done that?) and then look from there.
    I hope that helps. Without more information, I can’t say much more.

    shannonlouisedouglas on #51019

    Hi Thomas,

    That answers my question (on hematologists who specialize with athletes), thank you. Think I know how to proceed from this point. Thank you for all of the responses!


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