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    Hi all,

    So I somehow injured my foot on Saturday… while literally cooking breakfast… I’m an er doc and I can’t even figure it out… I thought it was just a cramp or tightness of some sort, so on Saturday afternoon I did my hike as planned, managed to get 7 miles in, and it felt much better during the hike. But that evening was worse. Took yesterday off of training as scheduled, but today was supposed to be aerobic day. It’s staring to feel better with rest and ice and I didn’t want to aggravate it. So instead I did Scott’s killer core workout a couple times thru with a couple extra things thrown in. Any ideas as to how to re-arrange my training? Possible modifications for the standing/jumping exercises? I should prob not try to run for a couple days still and don’t have access to a pool. I’m in the advance program and don’t want to fall too far behind…

    Thanks very much!


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    Hello Gina,

    I am so sorry to hear you are injured. I know it can feel incredibly frustrating in moments like this. I would recommend shifting your focus from training to recovery. Put in the effort to do anything that makes your foot feel better even if that means resting, ice, and easy walks. You will miss some training but I would rather see you take one or two weeks super easy and be 100% rather than try to push through and have you have pain for months to come. Sometimes taking a full stop is the best thing you can do as hard as it is. I would add in some cycling if that doesn’t hurt, do the strength training that does hurt but also back off from the volume to give your body that energy to heal. Once you come back from injury ease back into the training don’t just jump to whatever week you think you should be at. Instead, go back a week or two from where you are now and ramp up again. Again, I know this is frustrating having dealt with injuries my whole athletic career I sympathize. Don’t worry about falling behind in your training, you can’t force yourself to heal faster. We all have to train at our own pace-if you use 15 weeks to do a 12-week program that is totally okay! I hope that helps and answers your question! Start that healing process!!!!

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    Hi Gina,
    I echo all of Maya’s statements 100%. In addition, it’s likely you didn’t actually injure your foot cooking breakfast (; something was likely lurking and it flared that day. Injuries, are tough. Be super cautious. Depending on where the pain is and the quality of pain it could be a bunch of different things, feet are tricky. Ice, self massage with a ball, some gentle cupping, topic ointments such as T-relief+Tiger balm can all be very useful. Dial it back and ease back in as Maya said, any return of pain and I’d go full stop and get an assessment from a qualified PT.
    As for mods – core and upper body, any aerobic such as cycling (as Maya said) that doesn’t aggravate it. When you start back, walk don’t run, walk flat with no load, then add incline then load. Taking a break now feels hard as you just got going but injuries can plague you for a long time if not given the time needed to heal, and if we can nip it in the bud before it becomes chronic even better!
    Sending our best for the recovery process,

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