Inguinal tendon inflamation

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    Hi everyone! I have had swollen right inguinal tendon for MONTHS probably like 9 months. It has gotten worse over time, probably because in the beginning I kept forcing myself to workout. The first doctor I went to told me it was in my mind and there was nothing wrong with me. I really hoped that was the case so I kept lifting heavy. The inflammation doesn’t go away after resting for a month and anti inflammatory. Now that I think about it, I’v had a bad right hip my whole life, when I would squat I would feel myself shift to the side due to the fact that my hip wouldn’t open as much as my left. Anyways, inflammation doesn’t go away and I’m kinda starting to feel pain on my left side too. Doctor said I can only do cardio and no lifting, so I did that for like 2weeks and the pain started radiating to my inner right thigh and then to my knee (it even started feeling swollen). I got a ct scan done and there’s no hernia. I’m honestly so tired of this, I pretty much lost all my muscle since I haven’t been able to properly lift in months. Every time I look up my symptoms online it doesn’t say anything I can relate too. Is anyone out there going through the same thing, I feel like I’m alone rn lol

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    Jane Mackay on #72314

    That’s no fun. What type of doctor have you been seeing? Have you seen a physiotherapist or a chiropractor?

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