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    I’m in week 5 of the transition period of my first training cycle following TFtNA. I have a question about lower body weight training. I naturally have very muscular legs and a relatively weak upper body. I’ve become concerned that I am gaining too much muscle mass in my legs. I felt like this could be a possibility from the beginning and have tried to be very careful to not let my legs get too close to failure on any of my sets.

    I’m tempted to cut out all future leg exercises and focus on my upper body and core. I figure trail running and ski touring will be enough to keep my legs as strong as they need to be. What do you guys think? Is this a wise choice, or will I fail to reach my full potential if I don’t stick to the protocol?

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    Some people are genetically predisposed to put on muscle mass easier than others. Those other can’t gain mass no matter what. If you feel your legs are getting bigger just with the light conditioning type strength work in the Transition period then I’d say to drop strength……Or do on a max strength protocol as will start in week 9 (1st week of the base period). If you again mass doing that then you probably bette lay off the weights.

    Skiing and running have a strengthening effect for sure and for someone in your genetic shoes they may be all you should do.


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