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    Christie Luedtke

    Hi All!

    I just signed up for the Female Training Group starting in January and I’m so excited! I got a HR chest strap and tried it out for the first time today. I have a very short torso so I wore it under the bottom strap of my sports bra but it was digging in a bit. I loosened it a little but any looser it may not stay put.
    Any tips or tricks out there? I read you just have to get used to it but wondering how many wear it under the bottom band of your sports bra vs. just below the sports bra. It feels very awkward and too low on me but maybe that’s just how it is. Thanks ladies!


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    linicas on #60256

    I have a short torso, too. I wear it under the bottom band of my sports bra, too. It takes some work to get the right length because as you sweat it tends to stretch a little bit. Some bands ( like the one from Polar H10) are much better than others. The Garmin strap don’t work well for me. Initially I felt a little claustrophobic but I got used to it. This Polar H10 is the best and most flexible and comfortable in my opinion. I think it depends on how tight is your bra, too. I used to wear one during HIIT sessions with a really tight bra and by the end of the session I could not wait to take it off. lately I have been using a more relaxed bra and it doesn’t feel as constricting with the HR strap.

    Nicole Williams on #60292

    Similar to the other commenter, I also wear my HR chest strap so that it sits under the bottom band of my bra. The bra seems to keep it in place, and when I’ve tried it lower it always feels on the verge of slipping down to my waist. It’s not the most comfortable thing ever and takes some adjusting to find a fit that’s not too tight/loose. That said, I know it’s much more accurate than the optical HR on my watch so I just live with it. I’ve worn the same one for a few years and don’t notice it anymore but it still feels nice to take off after workouts 🙂

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