HR during fasted training.

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    Hello all,

    Just a quick one. Started adding in some fasted sessions to my base period. I noticed that at even at seriously easy “nose breathing” pace my heart rate in the latter part of the run raises to really high levels despite starting well within my AeT and the pace remaining steady and easy. Is this due to the body being under more stress? Will this affect the benefits of my base workout as my HR is far higher than zone 1/2?


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    The oxidation of fats takes more oxygen that the oxidation of carbs. What you are experiencing is the result of glycogen depletion and part of the fat adaptation process. Consider shortening these fasted workouts or taking a snack for the last bit of the run.


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    Cheers Scott,
    I am assuming that to train aerobic base I must keep HR under AeT. I ask as on long runs, over half marathon, HR drift means I creep up above zone 2. Does this mean long runs at a super easy pace are not benefiting my aerobic base as HR is higher? Basically, can aerobic base be trained when the pace remains very easy but the HR is higher than zone 2?
    Thanks for all the content you guys are putting out as it’s seriously helped me focus my training.

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