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HR Drift Test Results Help!

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    Hi Team
    I’ve done three HR Drift tests trying to find the correct AeT HR. I’ve had confusing results so though Id post hear for advice.
    Test 1 – HR135 – Drift 1.07%
    Test 2 – HR140 – Drift – 1.59%
    Test 3 – HR145 – Drift – -0.34%

    1&2 were on the same route, seaside path, reasonably flat.
    3 was around a flat path in a park.

    Test 3 was completed this morning. This week has been an easy week in my training where I have dropped volume. I have been running easy for several months, building up again after a cycling accident in January. No interval training, just steadily building volume back to my average 40 mile week.

    Is a drop in normal volume enough to give a negative drift result even at the higher 145 HR?
    I plan to run another test next week at HR150 in the same location as test 3. Is this the correct next step?

    Thanks for your input.

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