How to restart training plan?

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    I purchased the 24 week mountaineering training plan 2 years ago. How can I restart the plan in Training Peaks?


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    Jane Mackay on #59919

    If the plan was synched with TP when you bought it and you still are using the same TP account, the plan should still be in your TP plan library. When you’re in calendar view, there’s an icon for ‘Training Plans’ at the l/h side of the top of the calendar. To restart it, you click on the plan and then in the popup box choose the date you want to start the plan on. There’s also an option to choose the end date rather than the start date, if you want to time it for a certain goal.

    Scott Johnston on #59941

    Thanks Jane.

    Chason: Also, There is a link in the description of each of our plans to a step by step discussion of “How to Purchase and Apply a Training Plan.


    pipahaha47 on #60074

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    BennetCooper on #68463

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