How To Merge Workouts?

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    When I upload a workout from my Coros watch, it registers as “Other” on my calendar. It’s supposed to be the Cham Fit workout, which still appears as not completed on my calendar. I have been putting in the values from my watch workout into the Cham Fit slot – essentially, it’s a duplicate workout. But, can’t I merge them & have that data inputed into the scheduled workout?
    Thanks, Melinda

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    Hello Melinda,

    We covered how to merge workouts in the last Zoom meeting. Take a look at it (towards the beginning of the chat) and let me know if you still have any problems!

    mmingus on #58187

    Thanks, Maya,
    I followed your directions on the video and it worked. I still have to figure out how to change pw-hr to pa-hr. I will check the support on TP, maybe it’s there.

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