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How to get faster when the trial gets steeper?

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    I realise most of us probably go a bit slower as the going gets steeper, but I feel this is a particular weakness of mine.

    I don’t think it is aerobic, although I am going slower in part because I am staying in Z1/2 and not allowing my HR to go up in to Z3.

    It feels like it is legs. So would this be best addressed through extra max strength or more muscular endurance training. I am using TFTNA which has a 20 week base period, split in to 8 weeks max strength, 12 weeks ME. As I have more than 20 weeks I can spend in base, should I do more max strength before going in to ME, stick to 8 weeks max strength and spend longer on ME, or split the extra time?

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    Do you have ADS?

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    I have the exact same question in regard to hiking approaches and climbing.

    Follow on question is that during the ME phase I have a hard time keeping my ME and MAX maintenance volume less than 10%. Is usually 15-20% of weekly, and that is with a lot of Z1 volume. What takes forever is the uphill weighted hikes. Especially when I start doing 2000-3000′. Would it be better to limit ME to 8 weeks for that reason? So I don’t negatively impact my aerobic fitness?

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    @Ian- This sounds like you’ve identified the issue as strength and ME. While you can address this by going straight to ME you will probably get better results by getting stronger first then layering on the ME.

    @jake- Don’t count the max strength toward your weekly volume when calculating the 10%. Count only high intensity aerobic work or ME into this 10%. But more importantly is to monitor fatigue. Are yo seeing steady improvements in performance? Are you recovering well? These will help inform if the balance is correct.


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    Thanks for the reply.

    I realise from reading TFTNA that ME is best laid on top of Max Strength, so I suspected it couldn’t be addressed by either in isolation. But I would appreciate your thoughts on whether I should spend extra time on ME or on Max Strength or on both. Is the 8 week Max Strength period suggesting in TFTNA the optimal, and all extra available time spent on on ME? Or should I spend extra time on both Max and ME?


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