How to Determine Zone 3

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    Travis Gerbatsch

    Hi I’m probably missing the data here on the website somewhere but I’m trying to figure out my Zone 3.

    I did the HR drift test and got the following results.

    Pa:Hr – 3.11%
    Starting HR was 124

    I did the calculations and determined the following zones:

    Zone 1 – 0-112
    Zone 2 – 113-124
    Zone 3 – 125-???
    Zone 4 – ??-???

    The question is how do I determine my anaerobic threshold?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    pedro on #75153

    Hi Aaron ,

    For determining the top of your zone 3 you should do and anaerobic test.
    we advice our athletes to have at least a period of 6 to weeks of aerobic base until you do that test.
    You can add calculating your theoretical value
    Aet 83 %
    Ant 94%

    Travis Gerbatsch on #75296

    Hey Pedro thanks – This is Travis.

    Ok I’ll wait another 4 weeks to determine.

    Thanks for the follow up

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