“Hike in Hilly Terrain”

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    Chad Di Stefano


    For my “Hike in Hilly Terrain” workouts, I live in Miami, so nothing that meets the requirements. I do have a 16 inch step for workouts. Two weeks ago I did an hour of step-ups with a 15 pound pack on and felt pretty good, a little tired. Two questions:

    1) General thoughts? Is this an appropriate workout? Any thoughts on how to get the most out of this?

    2) My hrTSS was quite low, definitely below what I felt after / the next day. I adjusted it up based on relative difficulty compared to the hrTSS I got for a similar running workout I did. Thoughts on the best approach here given the conversation we had on the Zoom?

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    MarkPostle on #67911

    Do you have access to a treadmill, incline trainer, or Stairmill?

    Chad Di Stefano on #67917

    I’d have to find one, so not readily available. Are step ups a terrible idea (if so, why? Just curious).

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