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    I keep on having super high Tss scores. I was letting them ride until I noticed Scott recommends only awarding 100 Tss for the Max strength workouts, and that 50/hour is more normal. Here I am getting 360 Tss for a short 12 mile MTB ride or 470 for a day of scrambling. TP will tell me I need to take a month off of training if I don’t edit my Tss down a bunch. Is anybody else needing to downgrade their numbers regularly?

    I do understand that I’m getting these high Tss values bc my AeT is super low at 133 (its another post whether that is accurate, it might even be lower, like 125) and Mountain biking and 4th class scrambling puts me way over that value often. But I don’t feel that exhausted, its just life-per-usual for me before I started TFTNA and tracking all this stuff. It just feels incongruent when my Fatigue is off the charts but I don’t feel worn out.

    I know a coach would say “keep it under AeT” and train my engine slowly, but that’s not going to happen. I want to go have fun w my friends outside, I just want to accurately track it so I know when I ought to take a day off.

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    OwenFW on #45561

    It sounds like you’ve confused aerobic threshold and anaerobic threshold. In the threshold settings in training peaks, it is expecting your anaerobic threshold. Your TSS numbers are based on 1hr max HR, pace, or power efforts not on the AeT number that UA focuses on so much.

    You just use AeT in setting the upper end of zone 2 in your zones.

    hikerobby on #45562

    I didn’t think I had confused the numbers. But your reply has confused me. Trying to keep below my AeT is difficult and I need to be intentional and alone to walk/hike and keep my HR between 120-133. Any sort of hill spikes my HR into Zone 3 or 4. Out with friends Mountain Biking or scrambling spikes it extra high often above 160 for climbs so TP gives me a Tss of 360 for a basic 12 mile ride which seems incongruent with perceived effort. According to Scott, 360 is a massive day, not a 12 mile ride.

    Anonymous on #45576

    Owen is correct. You need to enter your anaerobic threshold HR in Training Peaks. AnT HR is higher than the aerobic threshold.

    * For most, AeT is hard to stay below.
    * Again, for most, AnT is hard to stay above.

    More info:

    Aerobic Self-Assessment for Mountain Athletes

    hikerobby on #45584

    I have done the AeT drift test twice, on my first day of the 24-week plan (one was 133 and another seemed like it might be lower, more like 126). I did this as explained in the mountaineering plan. The plan has not instructed me to do a AnT test yet but I used the instructions here, to set up my Zones in TP: https://uphillathlete.com/how-to-set-up-your-training-intensity-zones/

    So using the video’s instructions, since my AeT is 133, my Z1=106-119, Z2=120-133, Z3=134-143, and Z4=144-185

    But what Scott and Owen are telling me is that I ought to do the AnT self-test and if I use that for the top of my Zone 3, then perhaps my Tss scores will be much lower and that I am getting high Tss scores while mountain biking bc it is likely too low??

    Anonymous on #45603


    One more thing: You’ll have to do cycling-specific tests as well if you want those TSS scores to be relevant.

    In cycling, less muscle mass is engaged, so the CV stress is lower. Typically, threshold heart rates for cycling are 10-20 beats lower than what they are for weight-bearing sports.

    hikerobby on #45631

    ok, thanks Scott! My Form is still 35 so I might need to wait for my rest week in week 4 to do an AnT test. And Looks like I also need to do biking tests bc I do bike frequently

    hikerobby on #45736

    I’m still confused about why my 12 mile Mtn Bike ride gave me a 360tss. If my AnT is set too low (which is likely for running/hiking), whouldn’t that be off-set by the fact that threshold rates for cycling are 10-20 bpms lower than for running??

    hikerobby on #46753

    I finally did my Ant test after proper rest and it came out to 168 not 143! So I recalculated all my workouts the past 7 weeks and my CTL fell from 156 to 150! Lots of lower Hrtss scores, though they are now closer to my rtss scores. I was surprised that I was approaching CTL60 bc I didn’t feel in THAT great of shape yet. 49 seems more reasonable, this will also help w Mtn Biking when I have super high HR values going up steep hills. Incidentally, my Form when I wrote this post was -35 even though I was not very tired. It now retroactively says my form at this time was -17.

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