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    Hi there,

    Just looking for some help interpreting my (10% treadmill) HR drift test(s). Did three of them and fairly sure all in the correct way but AeT is maybe higher than I thought?

    Test 1 and 2 warmed up and then started recording (the heart rate dive on 1+2 is where the treadmill auto stops after an hour, did 2 x 25 minute halfs for the third test)

    First test – 1st Half Avg 155, 2nd half 162 so a drift of 4.52%
    second test – 1st Half Avg 144, 2nd half 148 so a drift of 2.7%
    Third test – 1st Half Avg 155, 2nd half 161 so a drift of 3.87%

    Any glaring errors here and is my AeT about 155 then? Not quite sure which number to use!


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    Dada on #37790

    Hi AF,

    Do you know your AnT? AnT is required to check the plausibility of your test.


    AF on #37813

    Thanks for the reply.

    Not, havent done an AnT test yet (will get that cracked in next couple of days)

    Looking at previous workouts I seem to head towards the 170s – 180s at hard but sustainable(ish) pace.


    Dada on #37826

    Hi Andy,

    what I find suspicious is that in test 1 and 3 aomething like a structural break in your trend exists at around 25 minutes. Did you use the same treadmill for both parts of the test?

    And second question, how long did you warm up? You have a lot of drift in the first 8 minutes.


    AF on #37877

    Yeah, I see what you mean at the 25 mins, (Same treadmill, nothing changed throughout other than the massive dives when the treadmill reset on test 1 and 2) although after reading this post I looked at the workouts again with the zoom off and they don’t look quite so all over the place. (Have attached them below again)

    Have been doing a good 15-20 min warm up but again see what you mean, maybe takes awhile for my much neglected aerobic system to boot itself up?


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    rockwind1 on #37882

    i was just going to post similiar question,,, don’t want to clutter up forum with same question but also don’t want to hijack this thread. did not see in drift test insruction that i needed AnT,,,will have to figure out what that is.

    is it possible to get a good idea from a drift test by just posting a description on here,,, as in i didn’t record it but just kinda memorized the numbers (bpm’s range)?

    Dada on #37886

    Then I think you are good to go with 155. When you wanna be on the conservative side you can go by 150.

    Anonymous on #37889

    155 seems reasonable, especially with the lower drift at lower heart rates (in the 140s).

    For multiple reasons, it’s good to do an AnT test as @dada said. It’ll tell you your current gap between AeT and AnT. (AnT HR / 1.10) will give you an idea of where your AeT could be with the right training.

    …maybe takes awhile for my much neglected aerobic system to boot itself up?

    That’s normal. It’s the same for everyone.

    To avoid the machine shut down halfway through the test, warm-up and then start the machine over. It makes more sense to have a short break between the warm-up and test than midway through the test.

    AF on #37891

    Scott + DADA,

    Thanks so much. Great to have such helpful people here!

    (Fortunately or unfortunately however you look at it my job takes me to many hotels so regular testing on hotel gym treadmills is easy achievable!)

    Shashi on #37899


    In the gym I go to the treadmill shuts down after 60 mins as well. As Scott suggested, I do 15-20 min. warm-up to get the heart rate to desired level then restart. For me, it takes another 3-5 minutes to get the heart rate back up to target and stabilize, so I end up with two 25 minute halves to calculate the heart rate drift.

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