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    Which one is more accurate for aerobic/Z2 training? Heart rate or power? With the new COROS pace 2 out today – bringing power in an affordable watch; I’m curious about running power. Which one is more accurate to how your training is actually affecting your aerobic base?

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    briguy on #44563

    Power is instantaneous (HR is notoriously laggy) but Power is not impacted by conditions (weather, temp, humidity, etc) nor by how you feel (if you’re sick, rested, etc) like HR is.

    So IMO neither is “better” but each do have their applications if you know what you are doing. For example, if conditions are good and you’re ready/rested for the workout, then power targets are probably better. They are almost always better for short bursts (like 30 sec sprints) as HR is way too slow to respond there. But generally HR works best as a limiter to your workout efforts for longer efforts in varying conditions.

    Anonymous on #44577

    While I have not used the Coros power feature I am dubious of any running power meter to accurately reflect power. I’ve tried the Stryd power meter and found it to not work well on hilly terrain. They seem to work well on flats after you calibrate them but when you are working hardest running uphill the power will be low because the impact force is low on an uphill grade and the accelerometer measures impact force and puts that number in an algorithm to estimate power. Bike power is a MUCH more accurate metric.

    All this is why we still relay on HR TSS. I hope I am proven wrong and someone comes up with an accurate running power meter.


    Anonymous on #44623

    Similar to what Scott said, I wouldn’t use power algorithms, especially in variable terrain. Run power is all done with algorithms. Bike power is with an actual strain gauge that measures the force directly.

    As a related note, I have no idea why companies even want to develop a flat-run power meter. That’s well serviced by using pace.

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