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    I carried out the heart rate drift test by running for 1 hour after a 15-20 minute warm up. It wasn’t totally flat ground but was not biased up or downhill in either half.

    I got a drift of less than 5% for a heart rate of 160bpm. My AnT is 168bpm.

    Given I’ve only been exercising casually for 2-3 years seems odd to me that I wouldn’t have ADS? Could the test be an anomaly?

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    zenaloha on #82274


    Looking at your screenshot, 160 bpm is your mean HR which is not the same as your AeT. Your AeT should be your starting HR at the beginning of the hour long run. But from the instructions on the UA website, it looks like you need to do the test again starting at a HR that’s 5 bpm higher than the starting HR from the test you just conducted. Here are the “Reading the Results” instructions from the HR Drift Test page:

    “0–3.5 percent: The workout was within your aerobic intensity zones, but you should do the test again at a starting heart rate that is 5 beats per minute (bpm) higher.”

    I’ve read elsewhere on the UA site that you should wait a week before testing again and make sure all your workouts stay below the starting HR from your last test.

    Hope this helps!


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