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    Thanks for starting this forum. I’ve been a trail runner for 45 years (among other wilderness pursuits). Ran the Dipsea when I was 13 (oldest trail race in U.S. for those unfamiliar). There weren’t very many girls in the line-up back then but I didn’t think anything of it. Now I’m 59 and gonna run the Rut in Sept. Lots of miles and mountain passes in between. When I was young and pursuing a lot of endeavors that were male dominated (both work and outdoor stuff), I got used to being discrimated against, told I wasn’t capable to (fill in the blank)–along with being harassed, threatened, etc. Of course, times have changed to a certain degree (though clearly, we have a long way to go), but what’s interesting now, is that I feel that same kind of bias go on around being an older athlete (and especially female!)–people telling me or assuming I can’t or shouldn’t do (again, fill in the blank), feeling sort of invisible in terms of a dirth of discussion and credence given to training at this phase of life, etc. Sometimes I want to call out, “We’re still here! And you will be, too, sooner than you know!” So, this is just a long-winded way of expressing gratitude for having alighted upon this litte bit of ether-based communion and camaraderie….
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    Thanks, Sarah! I’m glad that the forum is helpful. Keep up the good work!

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    Thanks, Sarah, and thanks for adding to the discussion. If you have any ideas of articles or anything, please let us know. I’ve heard from several aging athletes the same thing, even from their health providers, discounting their experiences down to “it’s just menopause” rather than digging around to find solutions and think outside the box. Keep advocating for yourself, and hopefully we can change the discussion, or at least bring it into the open.

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