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    I’m a mountain guide in India. Guiding trekkers in Himalaya. Past three weeks I had been taking people up down a route which started at 2300m uptil 4000m over a period of 5 days. Every week I was increasing the weight of my backpack to train for a climb.
    It’s 25th today and on 29th I am climbing a 6000m peak which will involve 40% of alpine ice climbing and rest walking.
    From 27th morning to 28th morning I’ll be traveling to reach the road head.
    I want to ask should I just completely rest out and eat until I reach the road head or do some minimal strengthening and core exercise today or tomorrow.

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    Anonymous on #10050


    There is nothing you can do in these last days to make you more fit than you are today.


    shekhar297 on #10052

    Thank you Scott.

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