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    Lauren Miller

    Hello to all!

    I am excited to meet you all and hear about what exciting things you’re training for!

    My name is Lauren and I’m between Bishop and Berkeley, California right now. After three years of working on the Yosemite Valley Search & Rescue team and climbing nearly full-time, I’m now back in grad school full time studying journalism at Berkeley. It’s been a hard lifestyle transition and am psyched for some more structure to my training. I climb, run, and ski and am currently training for a spring ski traverse of Yosemite.

    If anyone here is in northern California, I’d love to meet up for adventures!

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    Lindsay Hunt on #62053

    Hi everyone! My name is Lindsay and I am currently living life in Salt Lake at the base of the Cottonwoods. Since I moved here about 4 years ago I’ve pushed myself but struggled to notice myself getting better in my outdoor passions which are running, backcountry skiing, and climbing. My fiancé and the rest of my friend group all have quite the outdoor resume (Outward Bound, guiding, and SAR) but it’s still so frustrating to me that I can never keep up. I’m so excited to be here to help myself find the tools that my body needs in order to improve in the mountains and I cant wait to see where they take me in the future. I really am looking forward to the days following big mountain adventures where I wake up and I’m not aching 🙂 My fitness goals this year are to ski up to Camp Muir this spring, Packraft/Backpack 200ish miles in the Brooks Range this summer, and run my first trail Marathon in Utah’s desert this fall. Also not get bored to death of saying in Zone 2 😉 Trust the process!! Not sure how often I’ll be able to see you all in real time on zoom (due to work) but if you ever want to reach out and go skiing shoot me an email The snow is amaaaaazing here 🙂

    Melanie Hunter on #62106

    Hi Everyone,
    Wow, it’s really interesting reading everyone’s bios and goals!

    I’m Melanie, and I currently live in Anchorage, Alaska but I grew up hiking, skiing, and mountain biking in Colorado. After college I spent several years as a sawyer on hotshot crews (wildland fire) followed by a few years in the Army as a blackhawk pilot. During all that time I took my strength for granted and adopted the “there has to be a harder way” method of training that characterizes those male-dominated arenas. As a result, through my 20’s and 30’s I often found myself overtrained and exhausted. Now at 49 (Tonya, we are four days apart in age) I’m working on resurrecting enough endurance to run a Colorado mountain marathon-I miss my home state and hope to move back soon!

    Lindsey McGuire on #62107

    Love to hear where everyone is coming from both in location and background! My name is Lindsey and I am a 33 yo living in Portland Oregon. My passions are backcountry skiing, hiking, and cycling but I want to get more into trail running. This is my second round of FUA and this round I am going to focus on the walk to run transition. I would like to sign up for a race goal soon. I have a trip to France planned in August to hike the TMB along with numerous backcountry ski hut trips this winter that I am training for. I have some imposter syndrome being in this group so I appreciate that FUA can cater to both beginner and advanced athletes – its feels really inclusive! I also want to make sure I am respecting my body and resting when needed, without feeling the guilt of missing training.

    Anna Lowry on #62124

    Hello! My name is Anna and I live near Portsmouth, NH! I enjoy running, downhill and backcountry skiing and hiking. In 2019, my husband and I got into mountaineering and followed one of the Uphill Athlete training programs in preparation for hiking Mt. Rainier. Although we didn’t summit due to weather conditions (made it to 12,500ft), it was one of my proudest athletic accomplishments and probably the fittest I’ve ever been all thanks to Uphill Athlete!

    This past August, I had my first baby and I wanted to do this program to help me get back into training. My goal for 2022 is to run the NE Greenriver Marathon in VT in August!

    Kristy Levorson on #62227

    Caseyfoskett, I was looking into signing up for the Silverton Alpine 50k as my other race in Silverton got cancelled already for the summer. I just love that area 🙂

    Erica on #62256

    Hey ladies! I’m late to the game here – but I’ve loved reading everyones intros! There are some badass women in here (of course!). I live in Colorado at 8500′ bouncing between Conifer and Grand Lake.

    I’m a wildlife photographer and graphic designer, and I love doing all of the things in the mountains – right now mostly trail running, ice climbing, long distance backpacking, XC skiing, yoga, alpine scrambling, and mellow easy hikes with my 3 great danes!

    I’ve had a streak of back luck with my health and injury since 2019 that has really kept me from reaching any big goals in years. Most recently I’ve been dealing with spine injury from a lifetime of snowboard/skateboarding/climbing falls…that were compounded by a bad chiropractic adjustment that left me nearly paralyzed (be careful with “twist-and-crack” chiropractors, ladies!). After a year of insurance battles and 2 spine surgeries – I am officially back to all of the things I love and allowed to resume a normal active life again with no restrictions! I’m SO excited! My primary focus right now is trail running, and I’m celebrating my return to normalcy with training for the Leadville Trail Marathon in June. My only goal is to not get injured while training, and to finish before cut-off…and I’ll be thrilled!

    I’m also hoping this training will get my endurance and mountain legs back so I can spend the rest of the summer doing big days and long trails again in the mountains.

    If any of you in Colorado want to get together I would be stoked to! 978.810.5118.

    anne.o.karl on #62467

    Hi all,

    So fun to read everyone’s intros! My name is Anne, and I live in Killington, VT. My biggest passion is ski touring and ski mountaineering, but I also love hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and trail running. I have two little kids (almost 3 and almost 1). I was pretty active during both pregnancies, but still recovering from having a baby takes a long time! Between fertility treatments, 2 pregnancies, and 2 recoveries, I am THRILLED to be back to training for me, and I am excited to see what I can achieve. This is round 2 of FUA for me, and the first go was so helpful in bringing more structure and helping me realize that I could find more time for fitness even with the little ones.

    My goals are generally to feel strong and awesome in the mountains, and like I could go forever. More specifically, I have a ski touring trip in Europe planned for mid-March, and I want to be able to do 5-6 days in a row of 5-6k vertical and still be smiling.Come spring, I’ll probably work on more trail running. And I want to be able to do 5 pull ups again! I will say the self-doubt is often the hardest thing, so it is great to have a plan.

    If you are in New England and want to get out for a ski or hike, let me know!


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