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    Lauren Miller

    Hello to all!

    I am excited to meet you all and hear about what exciting things you’re training for!

    My name is Lauren and I’m between Bishop and Berkeley, California right now. After three years of working on the Yosemite Valley Search & Rescue team and climbing nearly full-time, I’m now back in grad school full time studying journalism at Berkeley. It’s been a hard lifestyle transition and am psyched for some more structure to my training. I climb, run, and ski and am currently training for a spring ski traverse of Yosemite.

    If anyone here is in northern California, I’d love to meet up for adventures!

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    Sheena Stevens on #75014

    Hi all – my name is Sheena and I just joined today! I live in the Bay Area (CA) and work as a User Experience researcher. I grew up in Northern California and have loved spending time in the Sierras for as long as I can remember. I love to ride my bike, and hike and backpack, and this is my second season of doing backcountry splitboarding (yay to climbing mountains in the winter now too)!. I’ve got a lot of work to do building up a base, and I need to have more discipline in training in order to have more fun, be safer, and go further doing the things I love. I’m not training for any particular event, but I would love to be able to be confident that I can put in a 10,000 ft day come volcano-skiing season in the springtime, and cover more ground (and more passes) on summer backpack trips, as well as understand my body, heart, fitness, and general health better than I currently do — I feel like a newb when it comes to training, and it feels good to be joining this group of awesome women to embark on this journey!

    Juliana Tenenbaum on #75028

    Hi Lauren! I’m actually in Oakland. I’d love to connect and maybe be training buddies? I’m reachable at (818) 421-5585.

    Juliana Tenenbaum on #75029

    Hi Sheena! I’m in the Bay area- Oakland actually- if you could use a training buddy.

    Jennifer Stertzer on #75045

    Hi all, my name is Jennifer and I live in Scottsville, Virginia. I enjoy biking, kayaking, and hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains. During the summers, I usually travel west to explore the PNW, CA, Alaska, etc. and am slowly getting into mountaineering. I am currently training for Mt. Baker and am looking forward to learning from the group!

    Sara Antonson on #75047

    Hi all!!

    I’m Sara, 36 years old from Minneapolis, MN and just newly into endurance activities. My mindset has always been about intensity and bursts of power but this is slowly starting to change as I want to explore more of what my body is capable of. I have been a pole dance instructor for about 10 years and have started incorporating Tai Chi Chih, Qi Gong, and Pilates over the last few years (too hypermobile for too much yoga). By day, I’m a mental health therapist in a high school setting with adolescents, so staying active is a big part of what keeps me healthy inside and out.

    I’m training for Rainier this July, which will be my first attempt and second ever mountaineering experience. I have an old injury flare going on with my knee so my climb may be delayed if I need surgery but I’m motivated to put in the work from the ground up all while listening to my body’s needs! I feel really grateful to be connected to others in this space and learn as much as I can!

    Nadia Chigmaroff on #75067

    Hi everyone!

    I’m Nadia – I’m 21 and I live in Toronto, although I spend roughly half my time in Vancouver to get my outdoors fix (and see my family, I guess).
    I grew up exposed to lots of different outdoor activities thanks to my adventurous parents, and then I pretty much turned into a library-dwelling hermit for my four years of university. Now that I’m free, I’m stoked on a ton of different adventures – I rock climb regularly, do a lot of yoga, run, ski, hike… and I’d also love to try some new things, like surfing and bushcraft.

    I’m training to climb Guaranteed Rugged, the tallest bolted route in North America, with my mom (who’s also in this group). I’d also like to hit some running goals, and generally build a strong base that can help me to feel confident and strong regardless of the activity I’m pursuing.

    Excited to get started with the program and develop as much as possible!

    Brenda Davison on #75069

    Hi All,

    I’m Brenda, Nadia’s mom. I unfortunately cannot join the Wednesday Zoom meetings as I am lecturing at that time. But I am here and doing all the training (so far!).

    I’m 57 and live half time in Vancouver B.C. and the other half in Bellingham WA.

    I love the outdoors – hike, climb, ski, bike, paddle etc. My favourite activity is moderate rock climbs in the alpine.

    I need more fitness so I can keep up for as long as possible with my 21 year old daughter! with whom I hope to do as much climbing as she and time will permit.

    I’m glad we are started and I look forward to meeting some of you at some point!


    Amanda Woodtke on #75100

    Hello ladies! I’m in Alberta, Canada. I hike/scramble, am relatively new to rock climbing/bouldering and just started leading easy climbs outdoors, I also mountain bike and SUP in the summer and recently got into multi-day backpacking trips. I trained for my first 10km run last summer and am working towards a 33km trail run (the Coulee Cactus Crawl in Lethbridge) and the Banff half marathon this June. I got into split boarding last year and recently ski touring (I was a dual level 2 instructor) and have done some multi-day trips this winter and am doing the Wapta traverse in March. I also started ice climbing last winter and am wanting to climb a WI5 this winter. My partner excels in all of these activities and I want to be able to keep up! It would be great to also meet some like-minded women to do these activities with as well. Even though I am a Personal Trainer and do some coaching myself (specializing in muscle imbalances and bridging the gap between rehab and performance), I love being coached and having someone/something pushing me and keeping me accountable. Looking forward to crushing some goals together!

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