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    Lauren Miller

    Hello to all!

    I am excited to meet you all and hear about what exciting things you’re training for!

    My name is Lauren and I’m between Bishop and Berkeley, California right now. After three years of working on the Yosemite Valley Search & Rescue team and climbing nearly full-time, I’m now back in grad school full time studying journalism at Berkeley. It’s been a hard lifestyle transition and am psyched for some more structure to my training. I climb, run, and ski and am currently training for a spring ski traverse of Yosemite.

    If anyone here is in northern California, I’d love to meet up for adventures!

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    ashco.thompson on #61893

    Hi! Ashley, I’ve been in Washington DC working in tech for 2 years now – I spend an exorbitant amount of time dreaming/planning my escape to mountains. I started mountaineering in summer 2017 on a whim and couldn’t get enough of it. I built up my skills/confidence/base fitness for a 9-month sabbatical in 2019 to climb big mountains in succession. That went so well that I want to do it again. I’ll plan, train and save $ this year to set me up for the next round. Sights are set on Ama Dablam & Cho Oyu, my 1st lead of Rainier, Shuksan, considering Carstenz & Vinson (depending on $), a Winter Presidential Traverse in NH, a repeat of Denali bc it’s magic… that’s the short list. I do triathlons to train for the mountains, I ski and rock climb for fun. Excited to be here.

    mtbchick on #61895

    Hello Ladies!

    I am Tonya. It’s a bit of a stretch for me to join this program (time wise!) But I am so happy to be here! And I am so stoked to hear all of your stories, goals and inspirations!

    I am a retired (in 2005 and 2012) pro mountain bike racer who has transitioned to trail running and skimo, ski touring and now I am a full time ski instructor in addition to running a business. I still ride, just not competitively at all.

    I have struggled with motivation since the beginning of COVID when all the trails shut down in my area, all the events cancelled, etc. not to mention forest fires. I have had an incredibly difficult time getting back into shape. At this point in my life, I am seeking a community of women with whom I can train and spend time in the mountains. I turn 49 in 5 days!

    I live in Wrightwood, California, about 1.5 hours from Downton LA. I live at altitude and have trails from my front door, whether for riding, running and even skinning and ski touring.

    I’d like to compete in the Mammoth Skimo race in April, and I have been considering doing more 25K trail runs, but I am not committed yet (mostly because of my studies and my lack of training). I hope I can find new motivation to get out and train, enjoy time in the mountains with other badass women like all of you, and get back on track!

    mtbchick on #61896

    Hi Ashley sometimes in the late 1990s I did the Presi Traverse in February! it was so epic!

    arbeznik.e on #61897

    Hello, it is nice to meet everyone! My name is Erinn and I live in Longmont, Colorado. I’m 30 and work in the outdoor industry. I love nordic skiing and fat biking, swapping for gravel biking and trail running in warmer months. I make sport-specific goals for myself each season and as I’m pushing to challenge myself to some much larger mountain objectives this year, I wanted to find a more serious approach to training. Work demands some long hours and I’ve struggled with work / life derailing fitness goals and having difficulty getting back on track. I’ve felt in a rut making training plans on my own, and really wanted some guidance – in particular from a female perspective! I’m excited to get to hear of everyone’s experiences and support one another through the next few weeks.

    If anyone is in the Boulder area that would like to train together sometime, please let me know!

    Nicole Labrecque on #61922

    Hi everyone!

    It’s been really inspiring hearing where everyone is at. I’m Nicole and I am pretty much starting from zero! I live in New Hampshire (western Whites/Upper Valley) and I just had a baby in October. I wasn’t able to keep as active as I wanted to during my pregnancy so 2021 was really a wash fitness-wise. I’m really looking forward to a structured base training and working my way back up.

    I’ve always been drawn to the outdoors but find that I need a lot of recovery from my job/career in biopharm. Previously I have dabbled in running (although I tend to rely on flat rail trails) and I’ve hiked a good amount in the Whites. I trekked the TMB in 2017 and can’t wait to go back with baby in tow one day.

    I would love to meet up and train in New England with anyone that would want to hike easy! My goal for the end of winter 2022 is to hike Moosilauke. My goal for the end of summer 2022 is a single-day Presi Traverse hike, or at least a nice strong Franconia ridge hike. Past years I’ve definitely been fit enough but just didn’t feel confident enough. And then my goal for the end of 2022 in general is to “feel like a trail runner” – I’ve never actually done a real trail run where I felt strong afterwards. I’m not talking a 4000 footer or something, just running around on a trail in the base. Life goal is to participate in the PTL!

    Here is my email if anyone would like to connect:
    I’d also love to connect on Strava with anyone and be motivated by your training

    Participant on #61923

    Hello! I’m a last minute member 🙂 I’m Stephanie and I live in NYC! As you can imagine, that puts a huge damper on my ability to access a mountain, so I spend weekdays trying to bribe people to drive me to the mountains. When I do get access to a car, I spend most of my time in the Catskills or the Adirondacks hiking 4000 footers! (It doesn’t sound tall, but the terrain is BRUTAL.) Occasionally we can take a long weekend to the White Mountains. When I am stuck in the city, I do some road running, strength training, and indoor rock climbing.

    This year we’re hoping to knock off a one day Presi Traverse 🙂 I am very slow so I need to up my training to keep up with my friends! This year I’d also like to visit the Cascades in the summer, or something PNW. I LOVE visiting the west coast so I want to make every minute there count!

    Emily Fitzgerald on #61929

    Hi everyone – sorry late to the party because happily I was out, the end of last week ice climbing in Vermont! I’m Emily a British expat living in NYC, where I’ve been for the last 4 years! I’m a single mom and have an awesome fifteen year old boy who used to be into the mountains but is less so for the moment.
    I have done previous Uphill Athlete programs and really loved them. They helped me prep for an amazing trip I undertook alone to Chamonix about 5 years ago before I moved from Dubai to New York City. At that time I was a tiny, muscly endurance mountain biker, trail runner and cross country triathlete with a passion for climbing and mountaineering. When I moved here for various reasons, one being the city location of course, I struggled to maintain my fitness and indeed was just about to get back on it and COVID struck. Happily in the summer I met my partner who is a fairly legendary climber in the northeast (he would be so embarrassed that I said that) and since that time I got back my mojo and we climb a load. Live a healthy life etc. I am planning a trip to Chamonix again in April, alone, to go get back that feeling and nothing major, just do the Cosmiques again in style and potentially some other moderate alpine goals!

    Anonymous on #61932

    Hello Everyone. My name is Piedad Barillas-Bird but for obvious reasons I have a nickname 🙂 Which is PIE.

    Born and Raised New Yorker. My heritage is Central American; 1/2 Mayan Indian and 1/2 European Spaniard. My Parents are Guatemalan. I currently live in Kaikoura, New Zealand. Grew up athletic and played serious Tennis for quite some time, trail running was always a hobby, got into sprint tri’s small races around New York. Always travelled to the Mtns as a passion – hiking : Spain, South America, Central America, Canada etc. I am an Acupuncturist. When I arrived to New Zealand to fill in for an emergency teaching position (was only meant to be for 9 months) I have stayed! That was over 14 years ago.

    Trail Running in New Zealand is AWESOME. Oh right, yes Mountain Biking too since I was gosh, 12? MTB New Zealand is AWESOME too.

    I’m 45 now, I know and feel the changes in my body and I want to continue doing what I am doing. I’ve raised the bar and have begun MTN running and outback running for the past 3 years now.

    I HAVE ZERO UP GAME :/ but love the downhill. So I am here to learn. I am in the beginning stages of being an ageing athlete and I want to do it right.

    So Lovely, to meet you all.

    caseyfoskett on #61945

    Hi everyone! It’s so nice to read all the intros and see some faces on Zoom. I’m Casey. I’m 33 and work as a corporate event manager during the week, and try to get out to the mountains with my husky pup as often as I can on the weekends. I grew up in New England and have a soft spot for the White Mountains. I spent 6 months living in North Conway at the beginning of the pandemic and renewed my love for the mountains while working to complete the 4,000 footers. In June 2020 I completed the Presidential Traverse in a day and that was really the first goal I reached that gave me any sort of confidence in myself. I spent 8 months in California in 2021 and got to summit Mount Shasta and Mount Whitney, both incredibly beautiful and inspiring! Shortly after that I was relocated to Colorado where I live now. I would love to meet up with anyone that lives around Denver/Boulder to train or just to make new friends!

    I’m training for the Silverton Alpine 50K in July. Aside from a lot of hiking and a few half marathons I’ve never closely followed a training plan and am looking forward to doing it the right way. I consider myself a beginner trail runner, so this goal is a stretch but going to give it everything I’ve got! Cheers!

    Becky C. on #61951

    Hi, I’m Becky?

    I live in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. (3 hours north of NYC) with my 2 teenagers.

    I climb outside whenever I can, but lately, most of my exercise is Barre. I did Chamonix Fit for the first time today and enjoyed it.

    I’ve really never tracked my workouts/progress or been part of a coaching group before. I just got an apple watch and need a chest strap now!

    I’m looking forward to new experiences and being part of this supportive community!

    Nissa on #61953


    My name is Nissa, I live in Reno, NV. We moved up here after 10+ years in Bishop/Mammoth area (I’m originally from Wisconsin). After having kids (2012 & 2014) I switched jobs from ski patrolling to computer science and between work, kids and a moving to the city lost a lot of the time I once spent in the mountains. Though occasional BC skiing was always on the agenda, now the kids are a bit older and more independent I’m looking forward to tackling some bigger objectives and longer trips in the Sierra. I like to commit to something on the calendar ideally that I’ve prepaid for 😀 to keep the training fire burning so I’ve signed up for 2 local skimo/uphill events in March/April but I’m mostly dog-earing the Eastside maps and looking forward to hopefully a good snowpack and some multi day spring tours 😀

    Jennifer Johnson on #61955

    Hi All!

    I’m Jennifer, and I live in the Catskills, NY (a couple of hours north of NYC). I’ve had a bad habit of signing up for things without nearly enough training time (half marathons, Ragnars, 50km road race etc) and despite never really enjoying running. I love climbing and skiing and got into mountaineering a few years ago (have done winter ascents of Mt Washington and Mt Whitney, and did the north ridge of Mt Baker in the summer of 2019).

    I’m signed up for a trail half-marathon (with a ton of elevation) at the end of April, and I’m really looking forward to actually training properly for it. If anyone in the NYC area is interested in skiing or winter hiking, would love to meet up 🙂

    Meggie Inouye on #61965

    Hi awesome ladies of the mountain! Nice to meet you.

    I am Meggie Roberts Inouye. I am a 38 yr old living with my husband and 2 boys (9 and 5 yrs old) in Truckee, CA minutes from Lake Tahoe where I was born and raised. I work part-time as a Nurse Practitoner…it’s definitely been a hard season with COVID.

    I went to college in LA area and spent my weekends traveling around SoCal backpacking, rock climbing, surfing, running road marathons and falling in love with my climbing partner/husband. I lived in Bass Lake, CA for several summers and instructed youth backpacking and climbing trips in the Southern Yosemite Wilderness. My husband and I moved to Seattle in our mid-20s for grad school and did a lot of mountaineering and traveling (Mt. Rainier x2, Mt. Shasta, Palisade Range CA 14ers, Cotopaxi x2 in Ecuador, and Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania).

    I would love to get back on big mountains for expeditions but have found it challenging raising my family. However, I have found that trail running, mountain biking, nordic skiing, and alpine touring fit well with my current stage of life.

    My current passion is ultrarunning. I am registered for my 3rd 100k race in May hoping to complete another WSER qualifier and eventually get picked in the lottery. I also love self-supported adventures (fun fact… I held the FKT for the Evolution Loop in the High Sierra for a week). I am a Board Member of the Donner Party Mountain Runners and am especially passionate about diversity and creating a welcoming and inclusive running community and events.

    Stoked to work with this group to regain fitness after taking last season mostly off and looking toward Spring/Summer goals.

    Kristy Levorson on #61980

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Kristy 🙂 I currently live in Colorado at 10,000ft and work as a flight nurse. I started dabbling in ultras in 2015 and completed my first 100 mile race last summer but struggle with staying consistent in training. I also have a hard time prioritizing strength training and as I get older it’s definitely something my body needs more of! Trail running is my first love but I’ve also started dabbling in mountain biking and Splitboarding mountaineering. I’ve got some Splitboarding goals on the calendar in April up in BC and would like to do the Wonderland Circumnavigation over 3 days in August. I tend to overdo it with signing up for races so I’m trying to keep it “light” this summer so I can spend more time mountain biking and finishing up the 14ers.

    Joanne Bienskie on #62029

    Hi! Joanne here. I call the Sierra my home as I’ve lived in Mammoth Lakes for years, then Tahoe and now Reno. I splitboard, peakbag, mountaineer/alpine climb. I spend a lot of my professional time on a computer. Trying to focus on getting my fitness ramped back up and prioritizing more time outside as I have a lot of women’s outdoor programs scheduled for this year. I am also the founder of Alpinistas (Women’s outdoor store). If you are in the region then let’s meet up. IG @joanne.k.b or

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