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    I had my AeT around 160, running in zone 2 was enjoyable and had gotten to be able to run a 10k in 56min. After starting work, being sick twice, and pulled muscle in a back basically 3 different weeks of not being able to run, working causing workouts to be reduced. I can now barely jog and not get into zone 2, my pace is back into the 13min mile range and its very frustrating. So if I can barely get in 3 hrs of training in a week and my aerobic capacity has dropped that significantly in such a short period of time, its going to take Forever to gain anything back! I loved the progress but am struggling to see the point of it if I can’t maintain the hours to maintain cardio. It seems like I need way more hours to maintain and gain then I can put in.
    I’m struggling… so either my body has drastically changed or my heart rate monitor has something wrong with it……

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    juskojj on #57342

    I’m thinking it’s my heart rate monitor, ive been sitting with it on and staying still and its been fluctuating 20bpm and I’m just sitting reading my phone.

    Anonymous on #57344

    First thing to try is gently washing with hand soap. If that does not work you may need to replace it. Your fitness should not have dropped by so much.

    I hope this works for you

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