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    Having had success with the Gym-Based ME workout progression from TftUA in the past season, I would like to work on my general (max?) strength in the base period.

    What are the key differences between the general strength programs in TftUA and the Big Vert plan?

    *I have a good strength training background and should start at Stage 3 general strength programs according to the assessment in TftUA

    My A races this season are 2 skyraces (27KM D+ 2,000M) in 20 and 42 weeks.


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    Just copying Scott J.’s email to you so others can read his response:

    The Big Vert plan is designed for you to adjust the training for 3 general distance ranges: 100km to 100miles, 50miles to 100km and for races around 50km and shorter.

    It includes the gym based ME progression you have liked. But it does not include a general of max strength program.

    With your extensive strength training background and completing the stage 3 test in TftUA you have more than adequate strength for mountain running. You focus should be on specific strength such as hill sprints, which are included in the plan.

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