FYI HR monitor chest straps can connect to an Apple Watch

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    Michal Wegrzynski

    For those (like myself) that are not super attuned to their heart rate zones and want to be able to easily check their HR on their watch during the workout: Turns out you can connect a chest strap directly to an Apple Watch, and when you do a workout in the stock Workouts app it will use the heart rate readings from the band rather than the watch sensor. Presumably this works for other workout apps too but I haven’t tried.
    Instructions for pairing:

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    Justin Jones on #61389

    Thanks for this Michal! I used it to pair my Wahoo heart rate tracker with my apple watch and it was very easy. I had been doing my sunday hikes outdoors with my phone in my hand as a means of watching my heart rate. But this will be a lot better. I’ll be able to keep my hands free and watch the heart rate via the watch now. Tested it on the treadmill today and watched both and they matched perfectly throughout. Very happy with this development.

    Michal Wegrzynski on #62034

    Glad to hear it helped Justin, the phone-in-hand thing is what I was doing too and I was very glad to find out that there is a better way than that

    saulj on #62069

    Very helpful, thanks!

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