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    Does the functional runner workout count as general or specific strength? I am nearing the time where I would like to switch to using the intro to ultra-running plan but I personally feel my general strength is perhaps not where I would like it to be (partially due to Covid). For example I had set goals of being able to squat my own body weight before starting the base training phase. Would it be wise to extend my transition period or can I start the base training of the intro to ultras plan?

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    Aaron on #40335

    I use the 20 week Big Vert plan and pull the functional runner workout forward into an 8 week transition period. I consider the Functional a general strength workout, and find if I do it consistently through the transition and increase from body weight to weighted exercises with lower weight dumbbells (~10-20lbs) then I feel very ready for starting heavier work in the Base (gym or sport specific). I also do a shortened and modified version of the Big Vert plan for ski mountaineering, and post transition I add in a 8 week max strength gym workout. I feel very ready for that series following the functional runner workout as prep.

    I also have slipped the functional runner workout as a mini-transition (~3 weeks) between by ~16 week ski Big Vert and the start of my running Big Vert just to make sure that my incremental ramp up of running is well supported. During this mini-transition I still do some runner ME gym workouts and some specific strength 8-10′ hill sprints and feel out how my running legs are doing. I do maintain some running throughout the ski phase too.

    Gabe on #40830

    Thanks for the reply Aaron. The big vert plan has the ME workouts beginning in week one. Some of the comments in the plan reference ADS. Does this mean it can be appropriate to start the big vert plan while fixing some ADS? My goals this year all contain large amounts of elevation change, so I am interested in improving my ability to go uphill (aren’t we all). I don’t want to overdo it though. Thanks for any insights.

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