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    Hello All,

    We wanted to link some nutrition articles between our two awesome chats with Rebecca! The first two links are a podcast with Rebecca and some overall tips for nutrition for expeditions. Also be sure to check out Recipe ideas that Carolyn posted if anyone needs inspiration 🙂

    Podcast: Nutrition for the Aging Athlete with Rebecca-https://uphillathlete.com/nutrition-and-the-aging-athlete-podcast/

    Articles: https://uphillathlete.com/expedition-nutrition-tips/

    These next two articles are about Fat Adaptation and Nutrition-The first one is another great resource created by Rebecca-

    Nutrition and Fat Adaptation

    The second article examines if Intermittent Fasting improves Athletic Performance. Unfortunately, as the article states, there is still a large research gap for female athletes around this topic. However, it is still an interesting study to read about.


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    Jennifer Jones on #67434

    Thanks for the articles and the great content. I hope Rebecca talks more about fasted training and fat adaptation. Would like to learn more about this topic. It’s my understanding that feeling the benefits of fat adaptation only kicks in after an extended period of training, not say, 12 weeks. Would like to hear more about it.

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