Front Range Training Partners?

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    Nick K

    Hey folks, hope I’m not breaking any forum guidelines, but this seemed like the best place to find some like minded folks!

    My biggest struggle (now that I think I’ve got work/life balance mostly under control) since moving to the Front Range a year and a half ago or so, is finding folks psyched on winter climbing that are around my level and looking to improve. So, anyone on here in the Front Range of CO and interested in meeting up with the aim of improving technical winter climbing skills?

    WI3 feels pretty easy (and I’ve lead plenty of it back east), but I need to get more mileage under my belt to lead steeper stuff. I’m also pretty new to mixed, but it turns out there are a handful of chossy drytooling crags around Denver if I can just find some fellow nuts to get after it with. Ideally, by the end of the season we mesh well and have knocked off some of the alpine objectives that are relatively mellow technically but much longer. I’ve got a pretty big to-do list of alpine lines in the Front Range that I want to get after. And then there’s all the greater ranges…

    For reference, I’m a mid-12 sport climber (i.e. 12b goes in a single session on a decent day), I ran a 3:30 trail half with 3400′ of gain earlier this season with a high point above 13k, and I can pick you up and carry you out if you break your leg. So I’m not fast, but I do have lots of strength and decent endurance.

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