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    So a bit about me:
    I have no previous cardio training background. Been hiking uphill/scrambling/climbing for about 4 years now, I’m 31. Most of my focus has been on intensity training, until I finally got into both books which have been helping tremendously. I used to go fast without really paying attention to how tired I would get. It has always felt hard even if I could do it fine.

    Anyways I have now been focusing on cardio for a couple months (which i know is not a lot). I do 40min to an hour run every day at 125/130bpm, which brings me to a pace of about 12min/mile, sometimes a bit less. This is the pace that seem to be the most comfortable (nose breathing, regular heart beat, etc.).

    I’ve been bringing my HR monitor with me in the mountains and I have been noticing that my hear rate will spike as soon as I get into steep terrain (jumping from 135 to 165+). There seem to be no middle ground, as if the entire 140 -> 160 range did not exist.

    I am guessing that it is related to my lack of aerobic training.

    I am mainly wondering if simply running (I do not have access to uphill terrain on a daily basis) will eventually improve my uphill heart rate or if there is any specific types of training I need to get into (such as box steps, etc.)?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    It will improve, but the more specific you can make your training, the better. When you are in the hills, go slower.

    The 140-160 range exists; it just may be at a speed that is hard to accept. But be patient. That speed will gradually increase.

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