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    I went out for my Aerobic Threshold Test and got a Pa:Hr of -2.4% (negative 2.4%.) Considering this is not within the 3-5% that is recommended, I plan on redoing this test Friday morning. What am I doing wrong, and how can I try to get within that 3-5%? What does it mean to get a – (negative) for Pa:Hr?

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    russes011 on #52359


    The simple answer may be that the outdoor course you used for the test was too hilly. This was the likely cause of the negative value. Furthermore, I presume that running outside you attempted to keep your HR constant–but due to the hills your HR had quite a large variation. Options would include: re-doing the test on flatter terrain after a good warm-up, or performing the test on treadmill (note that on a treadmill you keep the pace constant, and not necessarily the HR). Fortunately, any Z2 training run can be easily be adapted to be an AeT drift test. So performing it routinely is often easy to do.

    Hope this helps,

    — Steve

    Rachel on #52393

    I agree with Steve. The HR variations are rather large for a drift test. Can you find a local track to test on? Or a treadmill (covid-permitting). Or a flatter loop somewhere. If not, try setting a small HR zone on your watch with maybe a 5 bpm range. It looks like you can run at these heart rates right? You want to avoid run/walk if possible as it can throw things off for a drift test.

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