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    I’m trying out a Garmin Fenix 6 to log training instead of my Apple Watch. I’m sick of the Apple watch running out of battery on big days!

    How do people log their strength and core workouts at the gym. The Strength workout included with the watch is kind of a pain having to start and stop after each set. Its a cool watch otherwise!

    Also, has anyone done an Workout App for UA workouts that I can put on the Fenix?


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    TerryLui on #56656

    How do people log their strength and core workouts at the gym

    CTL/TrainingPeaks and TFNA

    Hope that helps!

    LindsayTroy on #56684

    I just go into Garmin connect after the fact and add a 1hr strength workout.

    austinkalb on #57017

    Im pretty sure I asked this wrong the first time. Has anyone created a “UA Killer Core” and “UA General Strength Routine” workout for use on the Fenix 6?

    jkbest on #57035

    I created them. Unfortunately I’ve found the Garmin workout builder to be fiddly and the library of exercises to be pretty limited. It also looks like Garmin doesn’t have any way to share workouts natively, but I was able to use this Chrome extension to download the workout. I think it can also be used to import a workout. I’ve attached the files for Scott’s Killer Core (2 rounds) and the strength routine with SKC warmup. You might need to cross-reference the books as I’ve substituted exercises that weren’t available through Garmin.

    austinkalb on #57037

    Got the Chrome extension but not the files. Can you email them to me? AustinKalb@gmail.com


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