Fatigue Build Up

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    Hi All,

    I’m wondering if anyone here puts stock into I guess what I’m calling “leg feel”–namely, when I get into work each day, I walk up two flights of stairs. At this point in my training block, I’m like a rest-stepping client on the Muir snowfield climbing up to my desk, one stair at a time. I’m currently in my fourth week of building up hours (last month of training hours : ~6, 6, 8, 8), with roughly 5 sessions a week (strength, hiking, skiing, running). Not that it’s killing me, but I definitely feel it in the legs.

    I don’t have a paid version of training peaks (it’s on the list, per all the amazing resources here), so I don’t utilize fatigue tracking, which I’m sure would put numbers to what I’m feeling.

    Any tips or suggestions on monitoring and responding this kind of fatigue? Perhaps I’m just due for a rest week? I guess its hard to call when it’s worth it to take an extra rest day, back off, or just push through.

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    Don’t push through. It sounds like you need a break.

    Leg feel is excellent feedback, even better than something formulaic like Training Peaks’ TSB. Even if TSB was near zero or positive, if my legs felt the way that you’ve described, I would definitely take the day off, perhaps several.

    Good activities to freshen the legs would be easy, easy walks or easy, easy swimming.

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    I’m exactly in agreement with what Scott S said above. A simple stair climbing perception test is a better metric of fatigue than the TP numbers. Sounds like your body is begging you to listen to it.


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