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Fasted workouts and Gatorade

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    Sorry if this was covered somewhere in the book and I missed it. I remember the book recommending some sort of sports drink for workouts that last over an hour. How do you reconcile this recommendation with fasted state aerobic work?


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    Anonymous on #3888

    Fueling during workouts on carbs like a sports drink will allow you to recover faster for the next workout. Doing fasted workouts will trigger an adaptation to burn fat more effectively making you more metabolically efficient. This probably will delay recovery if you are not already well fat adapted. So figure out which goal you are trying to achieve. High intensity workouts need to be dine when you are well fueled on carbs and a full glycogen gas tank or they will be compromised. Low intensity long duration aerobic workouts under Aerobic Threshold are the ones to do in a fasted state if fat adaptation is your goal.

    I hope this helps.

    Mariner_9 on #4212

    “High intensity workouts need to be dine when you are well fueled on carbs”

    Does this include strength training? (either General Strength in the Transition Period or Max Strength in the Base Period).

    Considering re-organizing my day to train in the morning rather than the evening.

    scott.ferguson on #4275

    Hi Mariner, Scott Ferguson here…Author of the beetroot juice article on the website.

    You should be well carbed up and recovered to reap the most from your strength training sessions. That is one reason why we separate our strength sessions by ~48 hours. The goals of fasted low-intensity training and strength training are certainly different and thus we must approach them as such. Strength training in the morning is awesome because it frees up your day but I suggest waking up early enough to get some complex carbohydrates and protein down and give it time to absorb (15-20 minutes is ample). During your bigger weeks you’ll likely have two sessions planned per day, strength in the morning when you are recovered and lower intensity aerobic capacity training in the PM that can be accomplished with lower muscle glycogen stores. Hopefully this all makes sense?

    Also, with regards to Gatorade: The simple sugars in Gatorade, when thrown onto an empty stomach prior to exercise, can cause a huge surge in insulin which can make you feel like crap when the sugars are all stored away. On the flip side, a surge in insulin can be beneficial post-workout after your post-workout meal (perhaps breakfast). This will help replenish muscle glycogen and get you ready for your next sessions. So, if you are going to use Gatorade, slam it towards the end of your strength session.


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