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    Hello and happy holidays to everyone !

    I’m looking to try the 16 weeks Eiger NF training plan and I’m wondering what kind of training equipment/ facility is required ?

    I’m going on a 2 month trip to El Chalten in January/February and I’m considering starting the program while I’m down there, but that would only be possible if the required equipment for this program is quite minimal. There is a bouldering gym in town and easy access to sport climbing and bouldering.

    I’m also curious about other people’s opinion on training while on a climbing trip? The only reason I’m considering is because I know from experience how rare it can be to get a window to go climbing down there and it seems like a good use of my time to already start to work on my goals for the spring. That being said if the weather’s good I’m gonna go climbing obviously as I’m not going down there to train.

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    Bendagoros on #79795

    A year passed. OP, how did you solve it? I’m thinking about the same.

    Bendagoros on #79843


    anram_87 on #84362

    Hi there!

    Did you finally use the program? How did you find it? I am thinking of doing it, after the Foundation Rock Alpinist, but I would like to have some real insights.

    Thanks a lot.

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