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Emotions and Heart Zones

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    Well, its really interesting to see performance and “state of mind/being” I’ve had two very emotional stressful days (my apologies for not being on the zoom) and grateful for an aerobic run scheduled today. I have been able to nail the aerobic and have a good rhythm finally – BUT – NOT TODAY. Even though I felt good and so looking forward to this short run it was really clear the emotions were still ever there. For the life of me I could not keep the heart in aerobic. I kept spiking and brought myself to the slowest jog and the heart was not in rhythm with what I was looking for. It got even more frustrating when I especially just needed this run – that outlet. I hope this is ok but I decided to stop watch-looking and just had what I felt was a good jog in my normal aerobic pace regardless of what my heart was doing. I just needed a smooth run and I know I can’t scrap that data but today’s run looks like a chicken with its head chopped off running all over the stat page. :/

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    This is an excellent point to bring up; our heart rates change day to day based on SO many factors. Stress, sleep, emotions, training fatigue, the list goes on and on. I would have done the same thing if I were in your position. Sometimes you just need to run and not worry about it being a “perfect training” run. Since you are starting to get to know your body, there is a good chance your pace was pretty aerobic; your HR may have just been painting a different picture today. Don’t sweat it; as long as every run or workout doesn’t become a blowing-off steam, one throwing in the occasional faster/harder runs is not a problem at all! Great work taking care of yourself and your mental health first!

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    Thank You Maya.

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