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    Hi Guys,

    Any views on how good Training Peaks hrTSS score is for an easy day of lift served piste skiing.

    I had a 5.5hr easy day today – 22 runs, almost 7000m vertical, and HR was 6 mins in Z2, 27 mins in Z1 and rest below Z1. It wasn’t meant to be a training day, but TPs gave me hrTSS of 186 – I know I was out for over 5 hours but it does seem high.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks as always,

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    Shashi on #63751

    Considering just the skiing time and heart rate, it seems high. You can check the table in the article below and get a good estimate –

    Estimating Training Stress Score (TSS)

    derekosborne22 on #63753

    Hi Shashi – that’s useful.

    I’m comfortable with RPE so happy to use that. All I need to do now is estimate how much of the day was actually skiing – I guess sitting on a chairlift going up doesn’t count :-(((

    Thanks for quick response.


    Mariner_9 on #63774

    “I guess sitting on a chairlift going up doesn’t count”

    Unfortunately TP seems to record that as vertical ascent. I keep a spreadsheet that adjusts for that as editing the workout in TP doesn’t seem to allow me to adjust the vertical.

    Shashi on #63823

    Mariner – you can change the workout type to XC Ski and adjust the vertical. Not ideal, but should work.

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