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    Quick question on the plan. Currently working on the Intermediate plan. I see that there is one day with a Double workout, Cham Fit and then a short 20 minute Zone 2 run. First, wanted to confirm this is correct and I didn’t somehow create some TP Salad when I shifted weeks. If not then my real question is should I split this and do one in the morning and one in the evening or do them back to back and then if so in what order? Cham Fit first then 20 minute run or the reverse. I feel like Cham fit first based on effort level required but wanted to here any thoughts.

    Thanks!! And Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate the Holiday.

    Steve O.

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    krish on #72922

    It’s definitely correct to have the double workout days on the intermediate and advanced plans. As to the sequence of doing them, I’ve been just doing them back to back mostly due to scheduling around work. But, I’d love to hear from the coaches on the intended effect.

    Anonymous on #73021

    Steve, Intentional for sure. As we build volume one of the ways to sneak more frequency in is to include a shorter/easier session on the strength day. As to order of operations it depends a bit on duration. For shorter sessions (say 30 min or under) I don’t think it much matters, I commonly have athletes do it directly before or after a Chamfit. They just arent long enough to be that tiring. Once you get into the 30-60 min range you may want to be more calculated to get the most from your strength work. In these cases I usually recommend doing strength first then the aerobic session second if their together or separating them entirely as morning and evening sessions. There is evidence that the recovery pathways of strength and low intensity aerobic work interfere with each other and you don’t recover from strength quite as well but as that interference effect is researched more it doesn’t seem to be all that severe.

    Steve on #73022

    Perfect. Thanks for the clarification Mark. I figured it was an easy way to drive the training load up but wasn’t sure when it would be appropriate to split them mornings / evening versus just doing them back to back.

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