Covid :-(

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    OK – so 72 hours before I’m due to fly to Abu Dhabi I test +ve.

    Ignoring the train wreck that my travel/work plans are for a moment, what the advice for training. Feel like I’ve got a cold right now so clearly won’t train today 🙂 but how long after I’m clear should I return to training and at what intensity? I leave for Denali 8 weeks tomorrow so have time on my side I think!

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    MarkPostle on #64699

    Matt. Definitely not the chat thread heading I want to see! Somewhat to be expected we’ve actually had quite a few athletes that have come down with Covid over the last couple of years including five or six of my coached athletes since Christmas time. It’s obviously quite individual for each person but what seems to have worked well is to rest completely until all symptoms are gone, then gently return to training starting with 30 to 45 minutes of zone 1 and seeing how your body reacts each day. Slowly ramp back up the volume to normal as energy allows and I put the ME type training back in last. One overriding commonality among my folks that have had it is there is still quite a bit of residual fatigue after the symptoms are gone for a week or two so you really need to be thoughtful with the training volume during that time. Its really hard for motivated athletes to take it easy enough but the last thing you want is to prolong the recovery period. We also have a thread on the forum here for Covid and returning to training where some other folks have shared their experiences.

    mattmay3s on #64701

    Thanks Mark – will try my best to comply but it will be hard. Even thought about going for a short, gentle run today lol

    mattmay3s on #64703

    Just realised there is going to be a lot of red on my TP calendar 🙁 🙁 🙁

    MarkPostle on #64712

    There will definitely be some red and then probably some yellow to follow. You have a nice fat consistent training volume so your aerobic capacity will withstand some time off and bounce back relatively quickly once you back to full steam. Be glad its Denali in a couple months and youre not leaving for Everest next week!

    kazu.ishidera on #64795

    Get well soon, Matt!

    mattmay3s on #64799

    Thank you

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