Confusion on AeT increasing

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    Melissa Macdonald

    I’ve been training for several years now, and am back at it with a 10K mountain climb in July. The one thing that confuses me is this: If we train in Zone 2, say, 135 HR (and never below 125), and then I go on a run and my HR is at 150, but I’m still breathing normally and can chitter chatter with no problem, aren’t I over my Zone 2? Isn’t my top of Zone 2 supposed to INCREASE, so it gets closer to the bottom of AnT (and decreasing the Zone 3 “middle zone of death” as one article stated?)

    If my AeT does increase to say, 140….. then I should start training at 130 – 140: Right? We want to be training in Zone 2 so we can handle the Zone 3 HR on an actual event?

    It’s the shrinking of Zone 3 that’s messing with my head I think. TIA for any insight.

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    Jane Mackay on #84354

    Hi Melissa, how recently have you retested your AeT? It is supposed to increase, as you say.

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