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    Can I get some recommendations for a quality chest strap?

    I have the Garmin HRM dual and I’m on my second one. The battery life sucks and both times when I’ve attempted to change the battery the casing broke.

    My watch is the Fenix6.


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    Shashi on #46743

    I have used Wahoo Tickr with my Coros Apex for the last 11 months and no issues so far.

    Rachel on #46744

    Polar H10s are good. I use one with my Coros, and my husband uses his with his Garmin Fenix 5.

    Dada on #46754

    I’m happy with my Garmin-Run. Changed batteries already twice and you have running dynamics (which I don’t need personnally to be honest).

    briguy on #46809

    I swear by my Scosche Rhythm+ 24 but I have heard good things (from DCRainmaker) about the Polar and Wahoo versions.

    Kyle Brundage on #46849

    I have been using the Wahoo Tickr X for years. It syncs up with my phone, automatically inputs into TrainingPeaks, no watch necessary. The iPhone version of the app also has a heart rate alarm so if you are on the road or trail with a phone armband it can warn you you are training Z3/above AeT. Generally the battery lasts a year, very small 2032 batteries and replacement straps are inexpensive.

    frnkr on #46858

    Polar H10 is good strap (I have several Garmins and H10s) and battery change is super easy. I still prefer Garmin though and now using the new Run-Pro.

    What I’m curious is that how can one broke the (Garmin) case? The rubber ring is easy to remove and the case is opened with standard Philips screwdriver.

    saltzmanjane on #46860

    On both of the Garmin HR Dual the top right screw wouldn’t budge. The other three no problem.

    In trying to unscrew the top right one the plastic piece around the screw broke off but the screw remained in, if that makes sense.

    Garmin is replacing it with the Run version which a couple of people recommended so hopefully I’ll have better luck.

    Anonymous on #46861

    +1 for polar straps. I think they are the best.


    derekosborne22 on #46895

    Another vote for Polar – use for years without any issues.

    Rob L on #47104

    I found the cheapest thing I could find on Amazon works perfectly and is much more comfortable (less stiff) than the Garmin dual strap I had.

    Dada on #47318

    DCRainmaker published his buyer’s guide today with a chest strap section:

    Matt Deen on #48557

    My Wahoo TICKR X has been driving me crazy over the last few weeks/months. It does not like to stay connected to my Apple Watch (series 2).

    Last run, it locked on a heart rate of 220 and wouldn’t let go.

    I’ve been getting wild readings that don’t make any sense. I’ve tried all of the troubleshooting EXCEPT replacing the battery…which is something that I’ll do on Monday when the batteries arrive.

    How often should expect to replace the battery? I’m using it about 8 hours a week currently.

    Shashi on #49967


    Earlier this month, I started seeing HR dropout issues with my Wahoo TICKR. My HR on an AeT workout would drop abruptly from 140 to 90 and then eventually drop to 50s below my resting heart rate. I replaced the battery (after almost a year) and tried different troubleshooting methods but it didn’t work. I finally reached out to Wahoo customer support and explained the situation. They finally sent me a Wahoo TICKR 2 as a replacement.

    I have just used it once and it worked. Hoping the TICKR 2 won’t have the same issues as TICKR.

    I would recommend changing the battery and see if it helps. If not, reach out to Wahoo customer support.

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