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    ok uphill althete’s and experts (more than me)
    thoughts on this? i was browsing youtube and came across a video of the real reason why your out of breath running…… i’m not sure i buy into the bolt score….. i think it has to do more with cardio base but what do i know… i’m just new to this….

    the bolt score is if you take a normal breath in and out then plug your nose and time yourself until you feel the need to breath, it should be 40 seconds according to this guy…

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    Anonymous on #55137

    Smells like shyster to me. Maybe he sells more at 40 seconds than 20 seconds.

    I’m going to err on the side of decades-old Olympic-level endurance training methods from repeatedly successful coaches.

    juskojj on #55138

    i thought so…. like i said i felt it was more what you said about endurance and cardio base more than anything

    Rachel on #55228

    Yeah I scored really poorly on the BOLT test. I decided not to worry about it too much but I am working on breathing through my nose more. I mean according to that dude I shouldn’t be able to walk across a room let alone run while nose breathing at a moderate altitude. So I took his advice with a big grain of salt.

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