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    Josh Gray

    I am 15 weeks out from a mountain hunting trip and wondering how important is dropping my bodyfat should be this far out. I am 5’10 188 lbs with an estimated 18% bodyfat. I’m considering taking 5-6 weeks to cut a significant amount of fat by going on a pretty large caloric deficit and reduction in training volume then ramping up training the final 10 weeks and fueling properly at that ideal Bodyweight. Would this be more or less beneficial than trying to burn the weight off slowly? I find it very hard to lose weight using the slow method. Seems my body likes to hold on to the fat I have if I don’t shock it with a more significant deficit. Also how much would performance be improved being closer to 10-12% bodyfat?

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    Mariner_9 on #67806

    Hi Josh – Scott’s comments in this thread might be relevant:

    Josh Gray on #67813

    Yes it is! Thank you

    LindsayTroy on #67816

    Josh- my personal experience, and your mileage may vary as I presume you are a man and I am woman and there are physiological differences that play a big role… But I spent a lot of time trying to drop weight to improve performance and it never really worked like I imagined. This year I sad F it, I’m going to be what weight I am and I’m just going to train and fuel well and not worry about shedding weight and I’m stronger and in better shape then I ever was when I spent a good chunk of time trying to lose weight. As a side effect, I lost about 7lbs in 5 months (so nothing magical) and lost about 2″ around my waist and 3″ around my thighs/butt (where I tend to carry weight). I think bodybuilders call this “recomposition”.

    So my opinion from someone with a similar body composition is to just train and fuel your body very well and you’ll be better off than if you try to cut 15 weeks out from your trip. Focus on getting good protein and fueling your workouts and it will pay much bigger dividends, in my experience.

    Josh Gray on #67824

    Thank you Lindsay, I think this sounds like the approach I should take. just say F it clean up my diet and see what happens.

    Aaron on #67940

    Low Energy Availably (LEA) and Relative Energy Deficit in Sport (RED-S) scientific knowledge and general awareness has grown massively in female athletes, but there is also growing recognition of applicability to male athletes. From my decidedly armchair reading my takeaway is 1) practice good dietary habits + fuel well and train hard and 2) DON’T mess around with caloric deficits while training.

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